Nate and Lindsey Banke

nateprofileNate’s Bio: I started my collegiate career at the University of Idaho where I played football, and ministered to my fraternity.  However after receiving a specific word of the Lord saying to go to Colorado, I transferred to the University of Northern Colorado. It was there that I found Chi Alpha, and upon graduating from college I realized that campus ministry was the calling that had brought me here.  After spending a year of training in Texas, at Chi Alpha’s most successful ministry, I again felt my calling back to Colorado.  Realizing that pioneering a ministry in a state where there were no active Chi Alpha ministries would require more than I could do by myself, I vision casted this dream for re-pioneering Chi Alpha in Colorado to ten friends who would ultimately join me to re-pioneer the ministry at Colorado State University.

Hobbies: Eating meat, shooting guns, and thinking about Jesus.

Favorite Book: How Should We Then Live? by: Francis Schaeffer

Favorite Quote: “Why do you do the things you do, and who do you do them for?” – Daniel Savala

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lindseyprofileLindsey’s Bio: I graduated from Oregon State University, where I was involved in campus ministry and it completely changed my life. It was the first time I ever had godly women in my life that I could follow, which blossomed in me a desire to reach younger women the same way.  Upon graduating, I considered full time ministry but felt God telling me “not yet,” so I ended up in public accounting for a few years. When I met my husband Nate, he was already in Chi Alpha and it made total sense that now was God’s perfect timing for me to join him in ministry. I am so thankful to be part of this great movement!

Hobbies: Backpacking, reading, cooking, and board games!

Favorite Book: Kitchen Table Counseling by Muriel Cook

Favorite Quote: “Let me tell you this dear sinner
While here on earth you trod,
Do you ever take time to consider
The day when you’ll have to come face to face with God ” – Ralph Stanley

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