Matthew Herschberg

Bio: I grew up in a non-practicing religious home. I was introduced to Christianity through a friend in high school, until a few years later he passed away. After going through the cycle, I came back to God after spending 9 months in and out of hospitals during my freshman and sophomore years of college. A friend I had known from my hall freshman year invited me to a bible study through the ministry of “The Outpost,” and I was hooked. It was the first time I had confessed all of my sins, problems with drugs and alcohol, and the honest truth about my past. There hasn’t been a group or a place that had helped me grow more than the ministry here at CSU. The fellowship and community of people were so genuine and helped walk me through so much in my relationship with God. After 3 years of small group leading, I decided to join the staff to do my internship after I finished college. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to serve the college campus and the ministry that has done so much for me!

Hobbies: Playing soccer, martial arts, graphic design, doing anything with music, painting, building things.

Favorite Book: Tortured for Christ by: Richard Wurmbrandt

Favorite Quote: “The reason God’s love will never run out on you is because He knows He will never lose sight of who He created you to be. He’ll never lose sight of your potential, your destiny, and what you will look like when He lives inside of you.”  -Dan Mohler

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